Haras national de Lamballe

Established in 1825, Le Haras National de Lamballe, on 15 acres, several national stallions chosen for their origins and their performance, including the famous Postier Breton , largely represented. During 1:30, the tour introduces you to the story as the present life of the place. Two exceptional upholstery, a fine collection of horse-drawn vehicles, and buildings built over time, give you a glimpse of a time when the horse was "man's strength." The tour of the stallions's stables and the place's life offer all good feelings with the different worlds of the horse. Draft horses, sport horses, race horses, ponies, donkeys ... so many passionate worlds to discover with the guide. After this visit, you will probably change your reguard about the horse!

But the Haras is also a center for training and horse shows throughout the year.

It is also a magical and enchanting place for the Christmas Market

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